When you hire a strategy consultant, do you want to confirm what you have tried, tested, and already know? Or do you want to go beyond conventional solutions to use the best approach, regardless of sector?

Our Approach to Strategy Consulting

At Strategy DNA, our approach is industry-agnostic. We recognize the unavoidable limitations which occur when a companies’ strategy development draws exclusively from its own industry. This approach, common among consultants, simply repackages established conclusions that add little value to your organization.

In sharp contrast:

  • We harness the power of proprietary tools that allow us to go beyond the tried and formerly true.
  • We show you how top performers, regardless of sector, develop and implement strategy.
  • More importantly, we show you how you can apply these forward-looking approaches to your unique situation.

Harnessing the Power of Disruption

Freed of industry limitations our direct, yet disruptive, agnostic model will improve the quality of your decision-making. It’s increasingly recognized that cross industry insights have blurred industry borders and led to disruptive changes.

The times of great change open up great opportunities. Being prepared for the unexpected could mean the entire difference between leapfrogging the competition – or falling further and further behind. Strategy DNA works with companies of all sizes to pinpoint gaps in existing solutions, identify the unique value of their offerings, develop go-to-market plans, and help them drive implementation.

In today’s business environment, boundaries are blurred, and new market spaces and industries appear almost daily. This is why we make sure to listen to the voice of the customer, consider market niches, and place our focus on the assembly of a complete picture of the market space that highlights both opportunities and challenges.

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