Client Impact

Fueling a global expansion for a healthcare automation app

The market for healthcare automation is a very crowded and competitive one. This awareness led our client to engage Strategy DNA to discover an underserved and potentially less competitive market segment that would make full use of their app’s unique, and at the time unmatched, functions.

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Preserving employee safety, client relationships, and the bottom line by enabling remote work

Strategy DNA helped a 30-person professional services company organize effective, fully-remote work in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak. Our involvement anticipated the mandatory activity shutdown by the federal government and ensured uninterrupted operation.

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Supporting a Big 4 company in making investment decisions

A Big 4 professional services company needed to quickly understand and assess the market potential and competition for specific product/service offerings in a wide range of emerging technology areas – from AI and advanced analytics to cybersecurity, virtual reality, and robotics/automation, just to name a few. Strategy DNA helped the internal strategy and innovation group assess

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Improving alignment and performance of the corporate sustainability function

The functional leadership of an American industrial holding company needed to better understand the best practices in organizing and measuring the effectiveness of environmental health and safety issues. The requirement was prompted by the company’s ongoing work

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Advancing IT for a portfolio company

A mid-size paper company, part of a private equity portfolio, was considering a significant investment to replace some of its aging systems. Cautious about the scale of investment, the owners needed to review and validate its IT strategy, evaluate architecture requirements, identify and assess options, alternative strategies and priorities, as well as costs, and develop a supporting business case.

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10 Days to a Decision: Strategy DNA Brings Speed and Clarity to an Acquisition

A private equity firm had 10 working days to decide whether to commit to an e-commerce opportunity within a niche market of the flooring industry. The deal was on the table. But before they signed off on it, they needed to understand the trends and market size that impacted the

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A global tech company capitalizing on new markets and partnerships

The Goal:

A global technology company needed to reposition one of its key software offerings to open new market opportunities and generate revenue. It also wanted to identify next-generation business partners to resell, OEM, or influence its products.

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Building efficiency and loyalty in state government

Difficult year. Difficult choice.

The year 2007 was difficult for the Maryland state government. An unexpected $1.5 billion budgetary shortfall made headlines all summer. State agencies went through multiple rounds of budget reductions to cover part of the deficit. To reduce spending, some agencies began to cut

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Clarity of Impact

The Situation:

A global technology company needed to better understand the “theory of change” behind its community investment program, which seeks to impact communities where the company develops and operates its data centers. The company also needed to assess the appropriate level of community investment going forward. 

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In the spirit(s) of change: Increasing IT effectiveness

An international wine and spirits manufacturer had completed major regionalization activities. The project defined and implemented new processes and reorganized its IT function, which served over 1,000 people. A year later, they commissioned an “IT audit” – an independent

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Successful business outcomes through climate reporting leadership

One of the largest global producers of fertilizer failed to provide climate reporting to the Climate Disclosure Project (CDP). Further, the company did not fulfill other repeated requests for climate data between 2013 and 2018. This situation was prompted by a lack of reliable methods to collect internal data or assess climate-related risks. The inability to respond to such requests

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Direct research and accurate survey data leads to market expansion for a foodservice equipment company

A North American buying group of commercial foodservice equipment needed to assess an opportunity to open a similar operation in Europe.

Strategy DNA provided a detailed analysis of overall sales of commercial foodservice equipment

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Bringing coordination and communication to a German tech company

The challenge:

An SAP instance rollout for the 1,000-person American division of a German technology conglomerate was significantly behind schedule and over budget. Review of the situation revealed widespread coordination and communication breakdowns between client and consultant

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Fueling growth through thoughtful product strategy

A major SaaS company considered investing in further development of a niche solution. As a result, they were faced with the decision to either continue to improve on the existing solution as part of future releases (part of the functionality of their flagship SaaS platform), or to spin it off and try to sell a separate product.

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