Market and Competition

In business, nothing happens in a vacuum. Even the most innovative ideas must meet current markets and customer expectations. Before you can disrupt an industry, you must have a deep understanding of the industry you have targeted. This is why insights into markets and competitive landscapes are at the core of what Strategy DNA provides with our Opportunity Analysis services. Clients on the verge of making high-stakes decisions often look to us for answers about markets and competitors. These clients range from private equity firms who need an independent evaluation of a deals’ profit potential to enterprises weighing an investment in new product development or acquisition, to startups in search of the best market niche to enter.

Our Approach to Opportunity Analysis

Whatever the shape of your involvement with Strategy DNA you are sure to find the experience positive. And profitable.

Our approach to market and competititor research recognizes that boundaries are blurred, and new market spaces and industries appear almost daily. This is why we make sure to listen to the voice of the customer, consider market niches, and place our focus on the assembly of a complete picture of the market space that highlights both opportunities and challenges.

That accomplished, we typically proceed to help clients pinpoint gaps in existing solutions, identify the unique selling propositions for their products and services, and develop go-to-market plans.

Market and competitor research findings allow our clients to move forward with confidence. We provide them with a clear understanding of the choices available to them.

Our work enables organizations to:

  • Get the most from its internal business development spending
  • Recognize potential areas for expansion
  • Fully understand the current business model
  • Create opportunities for transformation
  • Identify the best targets for entry or expansion

Most importantly, we enhance our clients’ ability to stay agile and react quickly to changing market conditions.

Opportunity analysis market and competition research services can take many forms:

  • Market definition and assessment
  • Customer surveys, segmentation, and personas
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Market positioning and unique selling proposition
  • Target selection and pre-due diligence.

We encourage you to discuss with us the research methods most appropriate for your industry and goals.

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