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Giving Forward

At Strategy DNA, we are a team of visionary strategists. We believe that strategy is not just a business tool—it’s a way of looking at the world that unlocks endless possibilities.

With our unique perspective, we can uncover the underlying structures that shape our reality, gain a holistic understanding of complex systems, and zoom in on what truly matters. Strategy empowers us to predict and actively create the future we envision.

But our mission goes beyond shaping organizations and markets. We believe in the moral imperative of strategy—to lead the growth and transformation of society itself. We strive to create a world where humanism and integrity are at the core of every organizational endeavor. We want to ignite a ripple effect that transcends borders, inspiring companies worldwide to embrace our shared values and principles.

As strategists, we understand the power we hold in our hands. We are committed to making it a future filled with endless possibilities, positive change, and boundless potential. Together, we can shape the world we want to live in.

Strategy DNA is a company of strategists.

Strategy is a way to look at the world that allows you to identify structural elements, put things in perspective, and focus on what is most important for any group, community, organization, market, or society.

With this unique vision, strategy is the primary tool to both predict and create the future.

Due to its unique role in creating the future, the moral imperative of strategy is to lead the transformation of society.

To fulfill this imperative, our goal is world-wide organizational transformation based on principles of humanism and integrity.

As strategists, we know that we create the future.

Committed to the Earth Charter

Strategy DNA is a signatory to the Earth Charter: This document is an international declaration of fundamental values aimed at the creation of a just, sustainable, and peaceful world in the 21st century. The Earth Charter is a work of a worldwide creation, cooperation and endorsement that represents millions of people. The Charter’s aim is to inspire a sense of global interdependence and responsibility for the entire human family, the greater community of life, and generations to come. It calls upon humanity to create a global partnership at a critical time in history. The Earth Charter clearly states that environmental protection, human rights, equitable human development, and peace are interdependent and indivisible.

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Client Impact

  • Client Selection: Over half of our client projects result in measurable social or environmental impact, in addition to clients’ financial gain.
  • Transformational Experience: All our projects coach and educate the client team. For the best possible impact, we ensure that our clients share the knowledge and tools necessary for successful project implementation and follow up.
  • Climate Readiness Services: As companies recognize the potential for disruptive changes caused by climate change,we help decision makers and investors reduce their risks and capitalize on new market opportunities. We work with companies to fully integrate climate concerns into their short- and long-term strategy, governance, risk management, financial planning, and other key organizational processes. We assist in the preparation of climate disclosure reports, development of emission reduction targets, stakeholder engagement, regulatory trend and market monitoring, and comprehensive plans for climate action.

Environment and Sustainability Policy

We believe that our clients, colleagues, and partners have an important role to play in reducing negative environmental impacts. To accomplish this as a firm, and as individuals, Strategy DNA implements the actions:

  • Minimize carbon emissions from travel. We place strict controls on business air travel and encourage clients in locations that would require air travel to seek alternative communication methods. Our corporate preference is for public transportation and the use of electric or hybrid vehicles.
  • Minimize waste and maximize recycling. To minimize waste, we do not provide research reports in hard copy. Our project work and research reports are specifically designed to be read on a laptop or a mobile device. We recycle wastepaper and all toner cartridges.
  • Use sustainable suppliers. Wherever possible we source products and services from suppliers with a sustainability policy. This policy covers printing supplies, stationery, computing equipment, and business travel.
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