Corporate Climate Readiness™

There is increasing evidence that the Earth’s climate is changing – and a radical shift in the public’s awareness of climate science and the myriad implications for communities around the world. The mainstreaming of climate concerns is translating into increasing regulatory and consumer pressure on businesses to act. Investors, regulators, and other supervisory authorities are making the climate more central to their activities.

The bottom line is that a wide range of actors are now using climate-specific tools or models to assess climate risk, and this is bringing a massive disruption to the way companies do business.

As companies address the disruptive changes posed by climate change, Strategy DNA® helps corporate decision makers and investors reduce their risk exposure and capitalize on new market opportunities.

We work with your organization to fully integrate:

  • Climate concerns into short- and long-term strategy,
  • Governance,
  • Risk management,
  • Financial planning, and
  • Other key organizational processes.

Support for our clients takes the forms of:

  • Climate disclosure reports,
  • Development of emission reduction targets,
  • Stakeholder engagement,
  • Regulatory trend and market development monitoring, and
  • Development of comprehensive plans of climate action.
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