Strategy DNA’s founder, Valentina Fomenko participated in the 90-minute forum organized by the Green Building Initiative, Inc. (GBI) to share lessons learned from supporting ESG integration efforts across industries. 

We spoke with top ESG practitioners to get their unique perspective on what’s next in integrating ESG best practices into how companies do business. Interviews with:

In the highly competitive, fast-changing world we live in, the success of a business is directly related to the accurate and quick decisions it makes. Every company, irrespective of size, must have a well-defined strategy in place to realize its long-term goals.

“Our clients are able to make the right decisions on both strategic and operational levels. They are able to stay nimble, react quickly to changing market conditions, and accelerate the future growth of their companies.”

Being seen as a leader in climate action ensures better access to capital, favorable consumer attitudes and the benevolence of regulators.

By Valentina Fomenko November 1, 2021

Based on my experience working with companies large and small on a wide range of strategic issues, companies tend to make the following five key mistakes when tacking environmental, social and corporate governance.

By Valentina Fomenko November 26, 2021

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