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The business landscape is more challenging than ever before.  Beyond those simple, pesky tasks of achieving profit margins, managing supply chains and reaching increasingly fragmented consumers, companies are facing a fast-moving shift to better preserve our Earth’s precious resources, take on fairer hiring practices and be good global citizens.

This new awareness has spurred new sets of expectations. And we understand the demands are coming at you from all sides.

The political drumbeat (from Washington) is pounding.

Consumer push is loudening.

Investment community is eyeballing.

Board of Directors demand accountability and reporting.

Organizations can no longer keep sweeping this under the rug. The clock is ticking. Business as usual is no longer the norm.

It’s the corporate practice equivalent of putting together a cabinet from Ikea

Before you start tearing open those bags of screws, it’s important to first step back, assess and think about how it all needs come together. ESG is no different. More is required than companies simply recognizing it and jumping in blind.


It needs to go beyond that and warrants a big picture approach. Strategy DNA delivers the roadmap, tools, processes, and mechanisms to ensure you don’t just survive, you thrive (this ever-changing environment). Helping steer your organization from reactive to proactive. And, in the process, create opportunity areas that will be integrated in a unified strategy across operations, HR, external communications and consumer value proposition.


We bring expertise in evaluating the quant and qual but don’t get bogged down in theories. We are committed to actionable strategies with outcomes that can help your entire business so you can win any or all of these fabulous prizes…

  • Greater topline growth  and cost reductions
  • Maximizing deregulation and minimizing legal interventions
  • Increased productivity
  • Better value for shareholders and investors.

Strategy DNA is best positioned to lead the way, ensuring good profits + good purpose.

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