ESG Reporting and Management

Greater strategic integration of ESG into operations is a key issue for today’s companies. The scope of relevant issues is constantly expanding and combines with a lack of consistency among rating agencies and investors to leave corporate leaders perpetually playing catch up. We help companies leverage ESG Leadership as a source of competitive advantage. 

Our Clients Call Us When:

  • They need to comply with their clients’ vendor selection policies, both in reporting and in managing ESG issues.
  • Senior-level executives say they need to “do something” on ESG, but don’t know where to start. 
  • Their Board or key investors mandate reporting on EGS metrics and management of ESG issues.
  • Internal risk management or regulatory affairs functional leaders ask questions around ESG-related risks.
  • Employees point to insufficient metrics and programs around D&I, sustainability, or climate change.
  • Efforts to self-educate on ESG reporting frameworks, governing bodies, regulatory regimes, and stakeholder communities leaves them overwhelmed and confused.
  • They want to create a coherent strategy on sustainability, D&I, and other social issues.

ESG Assessment Every organization has a different degree of exposure and maturity when it comes to ESG issues. No matter your experience, we provide a third-party assessment that includes actionable recommendations to improve performance and accelerate collective action with your key stakeholders. Our team analyzes internal operational data and relevant documentation, conducts stakeholder interviews, and compiles a final assessment on the effectiveness of your organization’s current ESG/sustainability strategy, which may include a new or revised materiality assessment.

Corporate Climate Readiness Assessment We leverage a proprietary, TCFD-aligned online assessment tool to gauge and advise on company readiness for climate change risks and opportunities, related regulations, and shifting stakeholder and customer expectations. This service includes prioritizing areas for improvement, strategy development, and implementation support.

ESG Brand Audit ESG performance, community engagement, and philanthropic efforts are increasingly used for brand elevation. Doing this effectively and efficiently requires both sincerity and alignment with corporate mission and vision. We evaluate internal branding, external branding, and customer experience to assess your brand’s position in the marketplace and how to strengthen it.

ESG Strategy To be successful, ESG strategy needs both key stakeholder support and integration with daily operations. We provide a long-term ESG strategic plan that identifies what’s working well and what requires further development, that outlines risks and opportunities, and that assesses how best to leverage existing company strengths to achieve your ESG goals (or to refine those goals). This plan evaluates the business case for each issue and includes implementation and accountability guidance.

Climate Change Risk Management Support Creates an enterprise climate risk management strategy for reducing contributions to and exposure from physical and transition climate risks and for meeting SEC climate risk disclosure requirements. This service includes strategy development, implementation support, and TCFD disclosure writing.

Community Investment Strategy Supports the design and implementation of community investment and philanthropic programs by helping you articulate the ESG, social, and environmental aspects of your project(s), to determine appropriate funding levels, to set winning goals and KPIs for ESG-focused investors, and to defend your “social license to operate.”

ESG Reporting Collaborating with your vendors and in-house team, we provide technical guidance and scoring criteria analysis to help prepare submissions and evaluate likely performance using SASB, TCFD, GRI, U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), U.N. Principles for Responsible Investment, Dow Jones Sustainability Index’s SAM CSA, or an industry-specific reporting platform.

Reporting Optimization Analysis of current scores and ratings and development of both an improvement plan that maximizes the point allocations allotted from your efforts. Improvement plan implementation support is also available to maximize commercial and reputational value.

ESG Communications Development of specific communications on your stakeholders’ issues of greatest concern, framed in language they understand and accessible on the communication channels they frequent. This is the first step in mobilizing a shared vision on ESG issues.

ESG Workshops and Training Programs Available on-site or online for both large companies and smaller organizations, our workshops and training solutions fully prepare your team to implement your ESG strategy. We cover a wide range of topics customized for your specific needs and designed to work in tandem with your strategic ESG efforts.

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