Small Businesses & Startups

What does it take to bring your vision to life? Knowledge. Creativity. Implementation.

You may have a great idea. But you aren’t sure of its actual potential. You wonder whether there is a market for it. Who you should target and how? Who is your competition? And most importantly, is it worth it?

Or, you drive strategy and innovation in a startup. It’s up to you to “See around corners” to determine the company’s direction. But you’re limited by internal resources and external consultants stuck in industry and functional silos.

You may have also been in business for a while and are now ready to take your company to the next level. You’ve spent significant resources on marketing without less than matching results. You want to grow, enter new markets, and break new ground. But by the time you settle on branding, your entire business model has changed.

You are expected to get it right. Every time. But deep down you still wonder if you will focus on the right issues and make the right decisions. You need solid data and insights. Fast. But even more importantly, you need help to see the bigger picture, eliminate distractions, and bring your vision to life.

In other words, you need Strategy DNA. We help entrepreneurs and corporate innovators bring clarity to their value proposition and positioning, understand their markets and competitors, and make better business decisions. We work with entrepreneurs and small business owners/teams who are:

  • Responsible for the outcomes of key organizational decisions
  • Ready to take their companies to the next level
  • Open to new ideas and value strategic advice

We help entrepreneurs and small businesses understand, qualify, and capitalize on new market opportunities. We bring to the table deep understanding of the markets, business models, branding, and the startup world – coupled with a passion for making things happen.

Our Clients:

  • Increase revenue and profit
  • Scale their operations and teams
  • Expand their impact
  • Forge strategic partnerships
  • Secure startup and expansion funding
  • Find the right routes to commercialization
  • Build inspiring brands
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